Born and raised in Ottawa, Canada with parents originally from SriLanka, I always knew from an early age that I would enjoy doing something in the food industry. Just being in a kitchen and smelling all the wonderful things being prepared was enough to show me that. It took me years however, to realize this was where I truly belonged. I spent most of my Highschool and University life focussing on an IT related career and found a wonderful job with the Government.



One year after having a conversation with a close friend, she mentioned wanting to take up cake decorating. I thought, “That’s a great gift idea. I’ll book Cake Decorating classes for the both of us!” Little did I know that this was going to be the action that would change my world.



My grandmother Claribel, was a cake decorator by trade. I believe this is where my artistic talent came from. I spent hours watching her as she prepared meals for our family. All her curries, casseroles, fish and meat buns were unbelievable taste sensations! I specifically remember her ability to make the most delectable desserts. Every Christmas she would bake us a Yule Log, hand-rolled and filled with a delicious sweet buttercream – which I believe I have almost mastered! The Log was then iced in chocolate and decorated to look just like tree bark. My favorite recipe of hers however was Old-fashioned Christmas Cake. It was lavishly filled with an abundance of diced fruit and then baked to perfection. It was then was soaked in copious amounts of brandy and finally adorned with her homemade marzipan. It was a treat we all enjoyed once a year but a memory that will last a lifetime!



I now run my business part-time from my home. ClaribelCakes is dedicated in my grandmothers memory.


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